Friday, March 28, 2008

A call for my readers

For the half dozen people who actually read this blog, I have a request. We got a nice gas grill last year as a belated wedding gift. This spring / summer, I would like to take full advantage of the grill, but do not enjoy eating the typical burgers / dogs / bland grilled chicken breast.

Any creative ideas for grillin' that you'd be willing to share?

(PS, we are adventurous eaters, but I don't do beef. Other than that, we'll eat anything). AND...we've joined a local CSA, so we'll have plentiful fresh produce all summer.


Jim Voorhies said...

grilled fish is fantastic but you'll need one of those grill platters or a wok with small holes in it or a grill basket (like: this one to help keep the fish together. Try it with mango or some other fruit-based salsa.

Natalie said...

MMMMM, fruit salsa. I have problems with fruit salsa because it falls into my mouth before it ever reaches whatever it is supposed to be topping.