Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Prove me wrong

Okay people, my CSA had delivered its first bunch of beets to us. Thing is, neither I nor B like beets. However, in the spirit of the CSA, I would like to at least TRY and like them. I need your help. How can I prepare them that will turn me into a beet-loving convert?


Lannae said...

Oooh, tough one. Beets seem to be either you love or loath them. I personally love fresh beets (not pickled), so I can take em off your hands :)!

OK, here is what I do with mine to get a beet-loather in my house to eat them. I dice up into dice sized pieces, beets, sweet potato, regular potato, turnip, and kohlrabi (or broccoli stumps). Toss with excellent flavored olive oil, crushed garlic, paprika (any other spice you like), salt and pepper until all coated. Roast on high oven heat 450, turning/stirring every so often, so they don't burn but get a bit crusty and carmelized with natrual sugars.

Nate M. said...

Man, I hate beets. A few years ago, I ate a beet sandwich after a 20K road race and then puked my guts out for the next 24 hours. I still can't stand the sight of beets.