Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Corn Fritters with sriracha dipping sauce

I'm pretty sure that one of the reasons I like our local Asian-fusion restaurant, PM, is their heavy use of the spicy Thai chile sauce, sriracha and their tendency to prepare many foods tempura style. I do not deep fry, ever. It is less of a health conscious decision and more of a I am clumsy and copious amounts of hot oil is a bad bad bad idea for me. So today, I had some corn to use up before my next CSA delivery, and as I've noted previously, I don't love corn on the cob. Cooked by me, it is generally alright, nothing special. Cooked by other people, I find it inedible because it seems like most folks are trying to create creamed corn on the cob and way way way over cook the stuff.

Anyway, I was thinking corn and I was thinking sriracha. A few google searches later, thanks to this guy, I decided on corn fritters. I pulled up a basic corn fritter recipe from Allrecipes.com and used a dipping sauce similar to engineering dude, but with some honey added in. Let me tell you, the sweet / spicy / savory combo never ever fails. Usage of sriracha is not for the faint of heart, but I like my food spicy. So if you can take the heat, I recommend you start dipping everything and your mother in this sauce.

Ingredients Fritters
6 ears fresh corn
4 eggs
0.5 cups all-purpose flour
0.5 teaspoon salt
canola oil for frying

Dipping sauce
equal parts low sodium soy sauce and sriracha
honey to taste

1. Cut corn kernels from cobs
2. Mix corn, beaten eggs, flour, and salt
3. Drop batter into pre-heated oil (about 1 inch deep in cast iron skillet)
4. Cook to brown on each side

Dipping sauce

Note: the chicken in this pic was quite unremarkable. I was trying to go for something akin to this recipe by Michael Simon. But, duh, of course it didn't because there was no frying and no butter. But the spice "marinade" which I used as a rub was decent. The star of dinner, though were the fritters. B said "I could eat a million of these things". Poor poor fried-food deprived man.

Update: Note to all, this dipping sauce was even a little too spicy for me. I recommend starting with soy sauce and adding the sriracha to taste.


Lannae said...

I always have visions that I will cut corn and put a bunch up in the freezer for winter, or using corn in recipes like this one. But, once I bring home (or get corn in my CSA) we roasted them up immediately over our hickory wood grill. We love wood smoked corn on the cob, so corn doesn't stick around that long in our house, LOL.

So, what did you do with your beets again? We borrowed a recipe from Tandy at City House. Boiled diced beets drizzled with strong flavored olive oil, and sprinkled with toasted nuts. I also included a dollop of pesto in the center of the plate for dipping. The beets nay-sayer in my house really liked beets this way.

Next year's CSA, I will trade you all of our zucchini and yellow squash for your corn and beets. I am so sick of squash. What do you say?

Natalie said...

I've never smoked corn, maybe I'd like that better. I actually never did anything with beets. I thought that we'd be getting tons of beets, but we only ended up getting them one week. That week, it was hot and my husband had had wisdom tooth surgery, so I just wasn't cooking that week, so I gave them away thinking I'd try them another week. If we get another deliver, I will try the city house method. Pesto makes everything more delicious.